All gladiators who fight in The Pit must choose a specialty.
Blood and mutilation is all that matters to one trained in the arts of Rage. Driven to heights of frenzy beyond comprehension, they know no fear and can withstand wounds that would slay a lesser warrior thrice over. Such warriors care nothing for their survival and live only to destroy their opponents in the bloodiest manner possible. Bedecked with the skulls of their victims and bearing monstrous weapons stained with the blood of a hundred foes, the Rage gladiators are the most terrifying opponents of all. The aftermath of their battles is like a slaughterhouse floor, the sand strewn with hacked limbs, severed heads and pools of gore congealing in the baking sun.

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Greetings Pit Master and welcome to Pit of War! My name is Skarr and I'm going to help teach you how to train a common slave into a gladiator worthy to stain the sands red in your honor!!!