The clash of iron weapons and the wet meat sound of hacked flesh. Thousands gather to howl for blood and cheer their favourite gladiator, revelling in the death of a rival and free to indulge their every sordid desire. While spectators drape in the shade of ragged awnings and collect the skulls of the fallen, minstrels sing songs of fallen heroes, vendors hawk sweetmeats and souvenirs, and the rich wager vast sums of gold on the bloody battles to the death playing out before them. The reek of bloody sand and the sweat of warriors fighting to survive seeps into the very stone of the arena and the tales of their lives are told in every spurt of blood, every agonised death scream, and every bellow of hate. It is here, in this Pit of War that your fortune will be made or lost, where your gladiators' names will enter the annals of legend or be forgotten within the day.

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Greetings Pit Master and welcome to Pit of War! My name is Skarr and I'm going to help teach you how to train a common slave into a gladiator worthy to stain the sands red in your honor!!!